Eastern Creek, NSW, March 23-25 2012

Well no matter how much work is invested in the weeks and months leading up to an event, there's always a rush of work right at the end! Just a couple of days ago the bike was a bare unpainted frame and a pile of parts on the floor but today sits in the garage looking almost but not quite ready to race.

We'll be debuting a bold new colourscheme at the BSFOS - something a little different from the normal orange Laverda. Inspired by the mean looks of the pre-season all-black MotoGP bikes when in testing, we'll be sporting a predominantly matt black bike with flashes of an orange so bright it will make your eyes bleed (photographs do not quite capture the vibrancy). I hope people like it!

I'll try to get a few photos on this page in the next days, but in the meantime, here is a fantastic video that Drmsby has put together covering some of the construction and testing carried out earlier this year. Enjoy!

Here's a slightly different version for those in countries who cannot access the above due to the copyright problem:

That's it for now, back to the shed! More as it comes to hand...