I don't try to gild the lilly, and our results from the 2008 Island Classic were frankly pretty bad. But it was an exploratory venture with everyone learning a lot each time the bike went out, and having a lot of fun in the course. Those who've raced will know that even making the start line is a big achievement, and the finish line even more so.

With that in mind, here are the results. As they say in racing - when the flag drops, the bullshit stops.

Post Classic Qualifying 1 ISCL08_Q08.pdf
International Challenge Qualifying 1 ISCL08_Q10.pdf
Post Classic Qualifying 2 ISCL08_Q20.pdf
Post Classic Race 1 ISCL08_R09.pdf
International challenge Race 1 ISCL08_R10.pdf
Post Classic Race 2 ISCL08_R18.pdf
International Challenge Race 2 ISCL08_R19.pdf
Post Classic Race 3 ISCL08_R29.pdf
International Challenge Race 3 ISCL08_R30.pdf
Post Classic Race 4 ISCL08_R39.pdf
International Challenge Race 4 ISCL08_R40.pdf