It is no easy task to put a bike on the grid, much less one so competitive. Numerous people contribute to the result, here are the major protagonists;
(photos coming soon)

Drmsby Middleton
A rider of exceptional talent, Drmsby converts all the hard work prior to the event into race results. Far more than that, his enthusiastic input to the direction of the team is instrumental.
Steve Battisson
Steve not only owns the team bikes, but is also the chief mechanic and engineer in charge of the design, development and manufacture of new components. He prepares the bikes, pays most of the bills, builds the website... you get the picture.
Craig Macleod
Between meetings Craig is of invaluable help with mechanical work, problem solving, and new developments, whilst at race events he takes on the role of pit manager, doing mechanical work, setup and documentation.
Michael Went
Mick has just recently joined the team, and will be looking after the cameras and other equipment on the bike during events. With a PhD in physics, Mick will also be running various quantum mechanical simulations between rounds, looking for that extra tenth of a second.

Andy MacDonald
Photographer extrordinaire, Andy shoots photos that can make pixels weep.
Christiane Weissbach
Christiane keeps Steve company and has perfected "the resigned sigh" when new race bike parts arrive in the mail. She also provides our highly-tuned rider essential assistance with diet, medicine and physiotherapy at race meetings to keep Drmsby operating at maximum rpm. Without her support this whole thing would not be possible.
Chris Cutler
Chris was the originator of Italian Classics Racing, previously owning the genuine SFC and instigating the construction of the Replica. Chris remains a loyal and enthusiastic part of the team, keeping abreast of what's going on from his new home in South Africa and lending some greatly appreciated financial assistance.
Kian Macleod
The youngest (but not shortest!) member of the team, 12 year-old Kian takes care of the tyre warmers and gets things from high shelves for us.